Discover Our Pizza

CHARLIE’S offers its very own homemade pizza – for dine in, take out, as well as delivery (limited times and range). Try our favorites – generously topped PULLED PORK pizza, PEPPERONI or FOUR CHEESE.

Open Daily except Saturdays, 7 am – 8 pm

Kitchen closes at 7:30 pm, but if we have an advance order we are happy to accommodate you. Holiday hours may vary, please inquire ahead of time if you are planning to visit us.

Free and Secure Parking

Evenings are easy, lunch time parking can a bit more challenging depending on the day. With a bit of patience you can always find a space after 3-5 minutes.

Near the Airport Terminal

CHARLIE’S is located only a very quick drive from the Clark International Airport, making it an ideal place to have a yummy meal before your flight, be it a light dish or something more hearty to keep you satified on a longer trip. Or treat yourself and your loved once to a joyful welcome home after your arrival.


From Our Customers

  • We rarely have time to go out as a couple, since most of the time we’re busy looking after our daughter. So when we had a chance, we went to a place that has a reputation for good service and fantastic food. And Charlie’s did not disappoint. The staff was very attentive, no need to call a waiter to ask for more tea or water, it just arrives automatically. The food was excellent as well. Well worth spending our rare date nights.


  • Looked for the nearest vegan friendly restaurant to take out food. Not only was the food vegan friendly but the staff was also lovely and accommodating. Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️ for accommodating my extra blue cheese and ketchup requests😊😊😊 and suggesting the bokchoy cold pressed drink it was lovely😊😊😊looking forward to coming back

  • The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing and the staff are very accommodating, makes me feel at home.

    I like your pastas and pizzas. Please have more options for food delivery. Cheers.

  • Amazing vegan options – got the ultimate veg burger, burrito bowl and cold-pressed beetroot and pineapple juice and I’m very, very happy with my orders! Everything tasted so good for great value, and the servers were well-trained and attentive 😊

  • Dropped by this place during our Subic trip, ordered chicken stroganoff pasta and it was delicious. Serving was plenty, price is reasonable, and they sell great-tasting pies and cakes. Try their pecan pie, apple and peach mango pie. Highly recommend people to drop by when they have the chance.

  • Our first time at Charlie’s, and we’ll return. The food was excellent. The restaurant was very clean, and well keep. The menu complete, and the service was excellent.

    Great food · Chic décor · Cosy atmosphere · Large menu · Tasting menus · Stylish interior


Kindly let us know ahead of time about any allergies or food restrictions you or someone in your party may have so that we can prepare suitable cuisine.